viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

"Putting the dream into action, into action" Into HOT ACTION!! (Part I)

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gerardo dijo...

Cuando te penetro, me siento tuyo y mi mayor deseo es hacerte pasar momentos inolvidables porque tu placer es mi placer...!!!
Soy un romántico!!

Pablo(w) dijo...

I would love to have that guy in the first picture plowing away on top of me too!

SFR dijo...

I agree with Pablo(w) . That first picture is amazing ! The way the top is gripping the bottoms arm you can tell he's fucking with serious intent !!

Nicolás Gibson dijo...

¡Hi there Gerardo, Pablo(w) and SFR!!!

Why do you think the first pic is there on this post? ;o)

I tried to select something special, hot... even romantic/erotic for that place. Then, It was a good choice!

This time I want to comment several pics: number 5 amazing bodies and wonderful position, 7 -enjoy that big slice of chocolate- , sucking-getting fucking 12, the guy that looks like crying in pic 15, another slice of choco in number 16, faces expressions of these men in pic 19... and a pair of sucking-fucking scenes in 24 and 25!!
Especially 24 where the same man that fucks you is sucking you... at the same time! Heaven... is a place on Earth!

Gerardo...entiendo que dar placer y saber que se está recibiendo es a la vez un placer para uno mismo... ¡es una labor compartida y hay que estar com-"penetrado"!!! Jajaja...
Aunque, no sé si esta dedicatoria es un halago... Jajajajaja

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