sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Another wonderful gift: a HOT BODIES! Extra-Special Edition... share it with all your friends and enjoy... together!

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gerardo dijo...

Aún sin mostrar estos maxxxxxxxxos todos sus encantos me ponen igualmente de caliente!!
Y es que a veces lo que se adivina, te pone lo mismo de cachondo...

Jeremy dijo...

delicious :-)

SFR dijo...

So many men , so little time . I'll have to create a schedule :
Pic 2 - Mike Carr - Monday
Pic 5 - Steven Webb - Tuesday
Pic 6 - Chuck Bono - Wednesday
Pic 10 - Robert Gonzalez - Thursday
Pic 12 - Brock Yurich - Friday
I'll need the weekends to recuperate .

Anónimo dijo...

Me encantan!!!

Nicolás Gibson dijo...

¡Gracias (Thanks!) a todos (everybody)!!

Wonderful schedule, SFR! I can imagine you having a lot of fun, meanwhile you do your diary "S-EXercise"...

To me, I love the group working: they're 29... then we would work in 6 groups with 4 of them & me... and one of five of them & me!

And I would do it on weekend to relax from the Monday-to-Friday's routine... Thanks God It would be Saturday & Sunday... all day!

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