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EXTRA-SPECIAL EDITION: Help keep Rick Chris from becoming homeless! S.O.S. for help! S.O.S. for love! (Updated <== *)

Artist Rick Chris
Rick Chris, an artist very well known by many of you, is facing a hard situation on these days. During the first week of June, the management company that owns the apartment building where he lives left a note under his door. A simple one sentence handwritten and unsigned note saying that the company decided that they want him to vacate his apartment. He has been living there for the last 17 years!

Facing several health issues and having a very low income, he is in severe difficulties finding another safe and affordable place to live. 

Recently, he has started a group on Facebook called “Help keep Rick Chris from becoming homeless”. In a recent post, he wrote: “I’ll post more information on my situation but I’ve decided my primary goals are is to find a secure and safe place for myself to stay for the short term until I find a long range dwelling. Secondly, I need to find a place to have my belongings stored so they aren’t lost”.

This is an emergency call for all the people living in USA, especially Colorado: please try to help this man if you can do something for him! Any suggestion, advice, support or referrals could help him in this desperate situation. 

You can contact him on his Facebook group, personal profile or Twitter:

“Help keep Rick Chris from becoming homeless”


* Update July 13, 2012: Yesterday, Rick Chris started a fundraising on GoFundMe. <==
You can donate, here:

Also, you can share the link on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. Let's make this viral! Thanks in advance!

Today, this is happening to him… tomorrow this could be you!
Blessings and thank you in advance!

And remember the words: “If you can, help others; if you can’t do that, at least don’t hurt them”

These are some of his amazing paintings!

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Save Rick Chris from homelessness!

go-fund-me: donate here

Thanks for your contribution!

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