jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

I Guess That's Why They Call These THE BLUES... Mmm!

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Pablow dijo...

Guys without all that ink on their bodies always look so much hotter to me...and by the way, who is guy #8? He is absolutely gorgeous!

Nicolás Gibson dijo...

I don't like tattoes for me, but in some men... they look amazingly hot!

About the guy you mention, unfortunately I don't know who he is... but If I found the info (name, phone, address and more) I'll let you know... ;o)

gerardo dijo...

En azul y en todos los colores me ponen caliente estos bellezones!!

Jeremy dijo...

I like blue :-)

Nicolás Gibson dijo...

Gracias Gerardo and Jeremy!!!

I love blue, orange, red, black, white (especially when It is wet!) and some others!

I love the f*****g rainbow! When It's looks HOT like these... (((LOL))))))

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