martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Inspired by my friend Jeremy's blog... this is our first VINTAGE Special Edition! With triple vintage celebrities surprises at the end!

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Jeremy dijo...

... aha ... I like this with Joe Dallesandro ... :-)

Nicolás Gibson dijo...

Hi Jeremy!

As I told you before, this post was inspired by one of your amazing pictures. Always loved vintage photos, but never thought of making a whole post with this type of pics.

Some of these guys are cute & beautiful, some others have a great body and the hairy ones are so hot... Mmmm!

By the way, meet our vintage celebrities in the last three photos (all of them in heaven!):

baseball player Mickey Mantle and Hollywood stars Sal Mineo and Marlon Brando.

Love & Blessings... 4 ever in my heart & mind!

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